Accelerated Orthodontics

If treatment time is a concern to you, there are options to accelerate your care.

AcceleDent ® Aura is a simple-to-use, hands-free, ultra-light FDA-cleared Class II Medical Device. Patients use it for only 20 minutes/day. Through the use of gentle vibration or micro-pulses, bone remodeling is accelerated, allowing teeth to move up to 50% faster. Virtually all of my patients on AcceleDent report less discomfort than before. Surgeons have used micro-pulse therapy for years to help heal bone fractures and non-unions with remarkable results. AcceleDent uses the same frequency and duration to stimulate faster tooth movement. It’s that simple.


Propel is a device designed to use the body’s reparative response to cause faster tooth movement. It is designed to stimulate a process called Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon (RAP). Essentially, there are small perforations made with this FDA approved Device in-between the roots of certain teeth to cause an inflammatory reaction and RAP. Scientists have known for years that inflammation makes teeth move faster; Propel, simply introduces inflammation to the teeth. It works best when used on a particular area of concern instead of the entire mouth. The effects of Propel generally last about 6 months.

Wilckodontics is a procedure where a Surgeon or Periodontist accesses the underlying bone and creates osteo-perforations to damage the bone and cause inflammation. The site is packed with freeze dried bone and sutured. Orthodontics commences very rapidly due to the RAP described above. This effect can last 6 months or so but it can cut treatment time in half or more. It is not for everyone due to the invasive nature of the surgery.

Piezocision is less invasive than Wilckodontics but it still involves an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or periodontist. Vertical incisions are made through the gingiva and a piezoelectric bone device is then used to create vertical perforations through the outer layer of bone in-between the roots. It causes RAP and tooth movement effects similar to Wilckodontics.