Impressive Technology


iCat is a sophisticated, 3-dimensional orthodontic imaging X-ray system. Dr. Miller uses this system routinely to visualize the teeth and jaws for more accurate diagnoses and for more efficient treatment.


Soft Tissue Lasers are not necessary for most orthodontic treatments. When Laser treatment is indicated, it helps remove unwanted gum tissue and can deliver beautiful final gum tissue esthetics. It can sometimes help uncover minor tooth impactions without the need for oral surgery. Many patients are surprised to find that there is little to no discomfort during or after the Laser procedure. It is safe, predictable, and enhances treatment efficiency and final gum tissue esthetics for our patients.


Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) are small titanium screws that are only needed in about one or two percent of our patients. They are used to avoid more invasive corrective jaw surgery, to close a severe open bite or to correct a right to left cant of the teeth or excessive gummy smile. TADs involve a simple, 5 minute chairside procedure to place and even less to remove. It is a safe, predictable procedure and increases our efficiency and our quality outcomes.