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At Advances in Orthodontics we know that a radiant, healthy, well-detailed smile can have the power to change your life. Our finished smiles are bright, wide and individualized to show the best proportions and harmony for each type of face and smile. This makes each person look and function their very best. Whether seeking treatment for yourself or your child, we take the time to actively listen and then treat with excellence, efficiency and compassion as a partnership of friends. Dr. Miller is an expert in the art and science of smile and facial esthetics and pays close attention to the finer details of the smile because he knows that a well-finished, radiant smile with a comfortable bite can instill lasting self-confidence for a better quality of life. Check out Dr. Miller’s quality smiles below. Are you ready for yours?

Take a look at our smiles…

James Miller, DDS, MS

Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

The only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and sponsored by the American Association of Orthodontists

Adjunct Associate Professor, Involved Father, Speaker, Author, Educator, Clinician

  Speaking Engagements
  • D.D.S. University of Minnesota
  • M.S. University of Minnesota
  • Specialist Certificate University of Minnesota
  • Adjunct Clinical Assoc. Professor Univ. Minnesota
  • American Board of Orthodontics Certification
  • American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)
  • Minnesota Dental Association (MDA) Member
  • World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) Member
  • College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics


1. Insignia with Damon Clear Braces (No extractions, 13 months)

2. Damon Clear Braces (No extractions, dental implant)

3. Damon Braces (No extractions)

4. Early Treatment Damon Braces (Laser gingivectomy, no extractions, 8 months)

5. Damon Braces (No extractions!)

6. Damon Clear Braces (Underbite, no extractions)

7. Damon Clear Braces + TADs (No extractions, nationally published in AJODO)

8. Early Treatment Damon Braces (Severe crowding, no extractions, 11 months)

9. Damon Braces (Crossbite, no expander, no extractions)

10. Damon Braces (Crossbite, no expander, no extractions)

11. Damon Braces with corrective jaw surgery (Skeletal underbite, no extractions, 10.5 months)

12. Damon Braces (No extractions, 11 months)

13. Damon Braces (Early treatment, underbite, no extractions, 6 months)

14. Damon Braces (No extractions)

15. Early Treatment, Damon Braces (Severe crowding, no extractions)

16. Damon Braces (Laser gingivectomy, no extractions, 13 months)


Our Team of Experts


Our Fresh Office

It’s All About You

To us, our practice is truly all about you.

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Our Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Adena Borodkin (married to Dr. Miller) is a board certified pediatric dentist in our clinical space. She specializes in children’s general dental needs from infancy through their teenage years, as well as children with special health care needs.

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Treatment Options


Damon® Clear


Damon® Braces


Accelerated Orthodontics


Early Braces


Impressive Technology


Invisalign® or Spark Clear Aligners

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What Our Patients Say




Crossbite resolved without an expander

Advances in Orthodontics did an amazing job for my daughter. What a difference. They definitely take their job very seriously and only wait until perfection before taking off braces. Amazing job guys!!! To the staff: you guys are awesome.  

Tesha Ritenour




Severe Crowding resolved without any extractions

Thank You to the Advances In Ortho Team! I love my new smile . I’ve been getting compliments on how nice my teeth look . I couldn’t have done it without the help from the BEST crew ever , Dr. Miller, Kali, Dom & Deb ! Thank you so so much.



Jeanell Moracha


Case finished in only 8 months

I am 27 and just finished with my braces treatment. At my consultation, the initial estimated length given by Dr. Miller for my braces was about 12 months, but it actually only took 8 months (which was even better). The staff is outstanding! Super smart, resourceful, kind, experienced, efficient and really gives each client the same personal attention. I always looked forward to going to my ortho appointments monthly and everyone in Suite 220 made my experience so worthwhile. I would highly recommend Advances in Orthodontics & rate the quality of care and the staff as excellent.I feel so grateful for the solid investment I made in the overall beauty of my smile. It truly is priceless!





wearing Damon Clear Braces with missing front tooth replaced

Dr. Miller is the best orthodontist out there. He listens to his patients and takes their concerns to heart. He also educates his patients on oral health and how to take good care of your dental hygiene. Advance Ortho staff is really friendly and informative. Dr. Miller has gone the extra mile for me before an interview to get my teeth looking great. I have received several compliments while wearing my braces and how visible the changes are. Hats off to Advance Ortho and I would recommend Dr. Miller and his team to anyone. Thank You for all you do.





Severe Underbite and Crossbite Corrected Without Surgery

Dr. Miller was exceptional to work with. Our daughter had a unique case and multiple phases to her treatment. He kept us informed and was always willing to listen and answer our questions. Our daughter was welcomed with a smile by the staff at each appointment and felt comfortable when she was in their care. She loved the office atmosphere and the trendy music they always played. On occasion they would let her choose what to play! The confidence in our daughter’s smile amazes us each day. Dr. Miller comes with our highest recommendations.

Ray Anderson

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(763) 544-2211

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