Early Braces


Kids (age 7-10) are treated using a two-phase approach with Damon Braces and gentle wires to correct bite and jaw problems and make room for permanent teeth without the removal of baby teeth in most instances. This way, we are better able to guide the most ideal growth and development throughout the formative years and beyond.

The AAO recommends an initial consultation by an orthodontic specialist not later than age 7. This is when the first adult molars and incisors come in. Timely screening increases the chances for a great lifelong smile. If early treatment is not necessary, Dr. Miller will carefully monitor growth and development and begin treatment if and when it becomes necessary.

Reasons for Phase I treatment


  • Eliminate psycho-social issues for improved self-confidence through the formative years
  • Create room for adult teeth and eliminate need for both baby tooth and permanent tooth extractions
  • Create facial harmony by influencing jaw growth for more beautiful facial profiles
  • Develop healthy and beautiful smiles
  • Reduce risk of trauma for overly protruded teeth
  • Reduce the complexity for future orthodontic treatment
  • Eliminate thumb or tongue-thrusting habits
  • Correct Jaw shifts and poor growth patterns due to cross-bites
  • Close gaps in teeth

To find out if your child is a candidate for early interceptive treatment, contact us today to schedule a complementary evaluation by Dr. Miller.